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Ensure the performance of your brakes

Making sure your brakes work properly is vital to enjoying your motorcycle on the road. Maintain your brakes for optimal performance by bringing your bike to us.

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 •  Monthly brake inspections

 •  New brake installations

 •  Brake repairs

 •  Brake fluid additions

 •  Routine brake maintenance

 •  Brake adjustments

 •  Advice on brake work

Your brake services:

At the first sign your brakes are not performing like they should be, you need to call us and bring your bike in.


Our staff is trained to look out for brake problems when inspecting your bike for maintenance. We can help identify problems with your brakes that need immediate attention.

What else can I get from you?


Call for a brake inspection today!



You can always feel confident bringing your motorcycle to us knowing we have over 12 years of experience.